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The human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted viruses in the world, known to be an important aetiological agent of cervical cancer and other oncological diseases. This short article aims to provide an overview of the most important information about HPV.

HPV Causes

HPV is mainly transmitted through sexual contact. There are more than 200 HPV strains, some of which can cause precancerous or cancerous lesions, while others can cause genital warts. The risk of HPV infection can be reduced through the use of the HPV vaccine and through the regular use of barrier methods such as condoms during every sexual encounter.


HPV diagnosis is based on clinical evaluation and screening tests such as the Pap test and HPV DNA test. These tests are essential for the early detection of precancerous or cancerous lesions.


HPV can infect the epithelium of the genital mucous membranes, causing a disruption in cell growth. Some high-risk strains such as 16 or 18 can lead to the development of precancerous lesions and, later, to cervical cancer. The host's immune response plays a critical role in determining the evolution of the infection, which is why immunosuppressed individuals are more likely to be infected. Immunocompromised individuals are more likely to develop HPV lesions.


Therapy for HPV depends on the severity of the infection and the presence of precancerous or cancerous lesions. Treatment options include excision of lesions, cryotherapy, and the use of antiviral drugs. Prevention through the HPV vaccine is a crucial step in the fight against HPV and its oncological consequences.


In conclusion, the effective management of HPV requires an understanding of its causes, early diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. Prevention through the vaccine is a key step in reducing the risk of HPV infection and its oncological complications.


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