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Dr. Guido Bua

Dr. Guido Bua

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Dr Guido Bua works as Neurologist at the Cognitive Impairment Dementia Service of the West London NHS Trust in London.

Graduated from the University of Sassari in July 1994 with a mark of 110 out of 110 cum laude, he attended the School of Specialization of the same University finishing the course with a mark of 50 out of 50 cum laude.

Author and co-author of several scientific publications in national and international journals.


Curriculum and work experience

Dr Guido Bua works as a neurologist at the Cognitive Impairment Dementia Service of the West London NHS Trust in London.

Formerly head of the Neuromotor Rehabilitation Operational Unit of the Policlinico Sassarese Hospital in Sassari (Italy), his fields of interest are clinical neurology, neuropsychology and neurological rehabilitation.

Since then he has always dealt with clinical neurology, neuropsychology of dementia and neurological rehabilitation.

He deepened his knowledge abroad as Visiting Physician at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability in London and the Institut Guttmann in Barcelona.

The interests of Doctor Bua have focused mainly on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, such as Alzheimer's disease and other neurocognitive disorders, Parkinson's disease, movement disorders, migraine and headaches, depressive and anxious disorders, cognitive deficits and sleep disturbances.


Clinical expertise

Neurological Clinical Examination

Neuropsychological assessment for memory and cognitive disorders

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